Thank You For The Music

Box sets have become a common way of celebrating an artist’s career, usually featuring a selection of hits, other familiar songs, a few rarities, plus a number of unreleased recordings. This is exactly what ABBA’s 4-CD collection, Thank You For The Music, offered. For instance, every ABBA single B-side not included on any of the group’s albums were featured on the box set, many appearing on CD for the first time.

Among the previously unreleased tracks were an alternate version of ’Thank You For The Music’, the song ’Dream World’ – dating back to the Voulez-Vous sessions – and the Super Trouper outtake, ’Put On Your White Sombrero’. The 23-minute medley ’ABBA Undeleted’ featured snippets of other unissued recordings.

In 2008 the Thank You For The Music box set is reissued in downsized packaging with a revised booklet, although the disc contents remain exactly the same as the original release.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4