Gracias Por La Musica

Gracias Por La Música was first released in Sweden on June 23, 1980.

To facilitate a breakthrough in South America, ABBA recorded Spanish-language versions of Chiquitita and I Have A Dream in 1979. These tracks were both released as singles and went on to become big hits. Encouraged by this success, the group decided to record a complete album of Spanish versions of selected songs: some familiar hits, plus tracks that were thought to have a Latin flavour, such as ’Move On’ and ’Hasta Mañana’.

Björn and Benny were actually not involved in the production, which was completed in January 1980. Instead, Agnetha, Frida and sound engineer Michael B. Tretow took it upon themselves to overdub the new vocals on existing backing tracks.

The songs on Gracias Por La Música are currently available on the compilation album ABBA Oro.

Note: The Spanish version of Dancing Queen was originally entitled Reina Danzante, but was retitled La Reina Del Baile when ABBA Oro was released.

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